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I know I’ve left the gas on

I’ve a burglar for a neighbour

There’s a nail inside my croissant

Christ, I must vote Labour


I’m sure this rash is spreading

There’s a rat’s nest in my bed

It’s retirement that I’m dreading

Christ, let’s vote for Ed


I must eat more quinoa

I’m sure I’ll drown when boating

My heartbeat’s getting slower

Christ! Get Labour-voting


I’m sure they’ll all vote Kipper

Yes, even in the regions

My postman’s Jack the Ripper

Christ! Red's my allegiance


I’m terrified of weather

My end will turn out gory

Here's my well-frayed tether

For Christ’s sake don’t vote Tory


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A survey suggested that regions of the country gave rise to particular character traits, and also, for instance, “how people tend to vote in elections. Conscientiousness was more common among conservative voters in the 2005 and 2010 elections, while more neurotic regions more often voted for Labour.” (The Guardian)

25 March 2015


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