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Wot larks

I am a lesser redpoll,

Anonymous and smart,

Although I like huffin

And puffin.


Short of charm and wit,

I would like to be a European shag, but

I am a telltale tit.


I am a Northern mockingbird.

This is my Welsh friend, the red-breasted goose.

It’s our tern to skua you.


See this? I’m a blackcap.

I will not budge.

I have been privately bred: let me

Be the judge.


Show me Respect!

I am a twite!


I am a cuckoo, full of chuckle;

What I say is near the knuckle.

This is your family gaff, no doubt?

Chuck the little blighters out.


My feathers are green,

My plume is green,

My beak is green,

I am green, how much, I’ve

No idea.




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Wot larks

Much press attention was given to ornithologist David Lindo’s campaign to find a national bird. The results are due out at the same time as the general election. The Telegraph noted that the robin was an aggressive, unlovely bird. It also attacked the parakeet.

18 March 2015


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