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No need to blame the swarthy rats –

Their shapes half-blurred, their movements vague –

But look instead at dogs and cats,

The best pals of bubonic plague,

And look beyond their growl or purr

At sudden, cutesy balls of fur:


Yes, here you scamper, hapless gerbils,

Whiskers twitchy, tails askew

For History, a frequent Goebbels,

Has damned the rats when it was you –

What could it do to change our thoughts

On Straw and Rifkind, now they’re caught?


Of course we all could blame red ticks –

As found at Telegraph and Four –

But this, I fear, will never fix

Their promises, within the law,

That money’s well-spent, fine and dandy,

On a Labour or a Tory grandee.



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A Norwegian scientist has suggested gerbils, not rats, caused the Black Death. A former Labour foreign secretary and Conservative foreign secretary have been filmed saying they could provide influence for cash (it was a journalists’ sting). (Tony Blair has endorsed Jack Straw, so of course he is safe now …).

25 February 2015


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