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Beyond Belief

Jesus had a baby boy
With Mary Magdalene;
He grew up, was the pride and joy
Of seven out of ten.

How blessed was that hour,
How wholly sacrosanct.
He hailed the force of nuclear power,
And said he should be thanked.

'It is a superstition,'
He claimed, without a fuss,
'That anyone in my position's
Really dangerous.'

'I may be off to heaven,
But it is safe, you see.'
In every ten, there must be seven
Stupider than three.

What fabulous conviction,
From Jesus' son and heir!
But some of us are sure they're fiction,
Brown as well as Blair.

Beyond Belief
A survey found that 70% of 'Da Vinci Code' readers believed Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a child. Tony Blair announced that nuclear power was the answer to Britain's power needs.
May 17 2006


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