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We’re very pleased to say that Charles

Affords some most outstanding views

And when he’s crossed he never snarls –

While afterwards, a laugh ensues.

He thinks all coats best double-breasted,

And architects should be arrested.


He loves his wife, he loves his mum,

He loves his house, his biscuit shop,

He lets the beggar have his crumbs,

He thinks it’s lonely at the top –

And ancestry! He loves to trawl it!

(Or ‘History’ as most plebs call it.)


Prince Charles does not address his veg,

Nor does he swear by royal jelly.

Austerity? He’s cutting edge,

And only shops at local delis –

Of all good sense he has a glut,

And speaks with half his mouth tight shut.


Now therefore, when you write your prose,

Do not forget to praise his wit –

This country’s free. He’s one of those

Who is the living proof of it.

Here are our words, we do not mince:

God save the King, we mean the Prince.




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“This is not an official biography; therefore, we have no comment to make.” Clarence House spokesman on Catherine Mayer’s book ‘Charles: The Heart Of A King’.

February 5 2015


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