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Loyalty Card

Have a look inside my pocket

Have a look behind my tie

Have a rummage in my socket

Have a squiny in my eye


Take a butchers at my purse

Take my C drive in for cleaning

Lift the lid upon my hearse

Parse my very hidden meaning


Let your fingers, cold and damp,

Sneak beneath my bathing towel

Trim the wick inside my lamp

Reach inside my lungs, my bowel


Help me live without the threats

Help me never make an error

Help me tag and chip my pets

Help me win the war on terror


Scan my soul and scan my disk

Make my algorithm straight

Give my dreams a rinse and frisk

Be my perfect caliphate


Here they are, my wallet, keys

My passwords and my passport too

My flesh and bone, my memories

I know that they are safe with you


It is meet that I comply

Let your experts drain my pores

Let me wave my rights goodbye

I’m a Charlie. I am yours



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Loyalty Card

David Cameron wants an extension to police ‘snooping’ powers.

14 January 2015


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