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Charm Offensive

Some of you may
find my charm offensive;
some of you want
Gordon to succeed;
some, as like as not, assume
I've lost the Labour plot,
would like their leader
on a shorter lead.

Some of you look
rather apprehensive
that, like a bore, I'll
just bang on and on;
some think these are straws I clutch,
that I have lost my Midas touch,
have turned into a
monstrous neo-con.

Well, sorry, guys,
I hate to see you suffer;
it's tough to toe the line
for guys like me.
and, since it is expensive,
if you've seen my charm offensive,
could you bastards please just
give it back to me?

Charm Offensive
Tony Blair tried a charm offensive to calm down his jittery party, many of whose members want him to name his resignation date, so that Gordon Brown can accede.
10 May 2006


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