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Back To The Fifties

Bring me back my no-divorce,
Bring me boiled sweets, Suez, Spam,
Champion The Wonder Horse,
Home-made scones and strawberry jam.

Bring me smoke from coal-fed fires,
Woggles, toggles, Children's Hour,
Knights of shires with no desires,
Politicians proud of power.

Nanny nags at nurse and matron,
Big-Ears can't keep track of crimes,
Jack's become the soft-porn patron.
We remember better times.

The past is where the treasure trove is,
Bring me back my black-and-white,
Bring me typhoid, bring me Hovis,
Remind me when the time was right.

Bring me birch and rocking chair,
Bring me lemon curd for tea;
Though Gordon may be sanitaire,
I'm voting for the BNP.

Back To The Fifties
Labour continued to be hit by the triple embarrassments of Patricia Hewitt's hectoring of nurses, the Home Office's failure to keep track of foreign nationals who had been released after serving time for serious crimes, and by revelations of John Prescott's extra-marital affair. A survey claimed that a higher percentage of people were happy in the 1950s, despite being less well-off.
3 May 2006


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