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Cherie Christmas

Silver-haired, his eyebrow arched,

Tony bares his well-scrubbed fangs:

The shirt is very freshly starched,

His eyes, as mobile as meringues,


Stare past your shoulders, left and right.

Cherie applies a fibrillator

In her palm, though out of sight.

Does the picture illustrate a


Fallen idol, plaster saint?

Well-tanned Tony’s here to peddle

Peace to all, to urge restraint,

To tell you that he’s bound to meddle


When Herod kills each eldest kiddie,

When Pharisees need condemnation:

When Judas needed comfort, did he

Have at hand The Blair Foundation?


Gordon’s gone, the snapshot warns –

John the Baptist’s had his fill.

Every day has several dawns.

Please recall me at your will.


Cherie has slipped her left hand round

To tug the string that brings a grin.

Propped up, waiting, not a sound,

Here is Tony’s mannequin.


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Cherie Christmas

Tony Blair's Christmas card was the subject of conversation. Gordon Brown stepped down as an MP with effect from the next election.

December 3 2014


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