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Π in the Sci

Every girl and every boy

Should set aside their paints and pots,

Deep-six their poems – how they cloy! –

Their songs, their sculptures and gavottes,


Their study of their bits and books

And culture’s many vital themes,

The way that architecture looks,

The wild analysis of dreams,


And having thus disposed of art

By having filled the nearest bin,

Let them be urged to make a start

On science. Let the fun begin!


For if you want to earn a bob

Or count the wads of extra dosh,

You must hold down a science job.

Arts are only for the posh,


Are useless, though they may assist

With pointless acts of small defiance.

Music? Portraiture? Desist!

A poem is not rocket science.



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Π in the Sci

Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, has suggested that science and maths have far better job prospects than arts and humanities, which are no longer so useful for jobs, as previously claimed.

12 November 2014


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