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It's Not About Me

I'm a poem with a message

I’m an ode with attitude

I bring portents: yes, I presage

Great Events: they are my food


I have lots of social focus

Strip the world of its disguises

Light verse is for callow jokers

I win Very Forward prizes


Left or right? Which way I’m leaning?

There’s no side in Bigger Issues

I make words with triple meaning

I am Ajax, I’m Odysseus


When they want to count the score

When they want to know the facts

Here they queue outside my door

Here they ask for new brass tacks


Feel my perfect length of line

Sense how long my author pored

Over this, my sleek design

I am ready for Awards


I tweak the noses of the leaders

Use my rhymes to slap them down

Readers? I don’t need my readers

All I need’s a ballroom gown,


Some white tails and a microphone

A camera flashing in my face

Some headlines I can make my own

And slogans. Let me make my case -


I’m a poem, firm but terse

My adjectives are well-endowed

How smart and supple is my verse!

See me rise above the crowd,


See me polish up my chorus!

Hear my rhythm, speeding up!

I have eaten the thesaurus!

Hand me this, the winner’s cup!



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It's Not About Me

MTV Europe’s awards in Glasgow are now to include a new category, for a song with a message or social conscience. Themes in the nominated songs include gender identity, violence and self-acceptance.

29 October 2014


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