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Every day before the lark,

Before the dew, before the worm,

Before they’ve had the time to mark,

Before they face a brand new term,

All teachers, with their lessons planned,

And mad or saddened, maybe both,

Should bow the head and raise the hand,

And speak an oath.


Dear Lord, perhaps the words will go,

Forgive me ministers’ intrigues,

Their free schools sitting in a row,

Their strange obsessions with the leagues,

And please, Dear Lord, when Ofsted calls

Like Beria and Molotov,

Set free this oath in schoolroom halls:

Oh please F@$% Off.




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Tristram Hunt, the Labour Party’s (!) education spokesman, said teachers should swear a public oath to their profession. It would be like the Hippocratic Oath, he said. He got the idea from Singapore.

16 October 2014


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