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Also Known As

- in a speech, DC

(also known as David Cameron, DamCam, and formerly Dav Il Sung)

said he would


seek to make English caliphs the caliphs of England, or caliph@ (or the Conservatives,

as they are also known)

and that he would


do The Right Thing. This is

not thought to refer to the song by Simply Red

(also known as Miliband, formerly Ed, also Oppo). He claimed


that a vote for Labour

was a vote for UKIP (formerly known as Farago, and also known as

fruitcakes and loonies, copright DC).


He would stop tax (formerly known as HMRC);

he would stop immigration (formerly known as racism);

he would stop his ears


with wax and polish.

He would bomb the bombers. If you see him

walking down your street


walk on.




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Also Known As

In a Conservative Party conference speech, David Cameron promised to slash taxes, save the NHS. And attack IS (generally referred to as ‘Islamic State, or Isil, formerly known as Isis’ or some version of that) with weapons. He said we could not see Isis and ‘walk on by’.

1 October 2014


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