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World News

In Syria, there are three laws

Nigerian rebels add applause

The Scots stand by the exit doors

But Kate is preggers, to our chuff


Beggars lie in Kurdish roads

Boko Haram implodes, explodes

Brown’s exhumed as Salmond goads

But Will and Kate are up the duff


Medievals fill the web

In Lagos, watch the power ebb

The saltire lass may be a deb

But watch the Windsor babe uncurl


A caliph thrives on discontent

Borno has no government

The Scots are poised to pitch their tent

But Charles is hopeful it’s a girl


What’s the beef, what’s not to like?

The world has nowt to shout about

More babies for the English reich!

Fly bunting, get the trestles out!



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World News

The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant; her father-in-law hopes it’s a girl. In other world news, the Scots are coming a little closer to a Yes vote for independence. The west is arming Kurds to attack the ‘caliphate’. Another ‘caliphate’ is gaining ground in West Africa.

10 September 2014


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