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For No 1

You’ll take the high road

and I’ll take the long and winding road


Will you no leave me?

Will you no grieve me?


Close your borders, the issue –

tomorrow I’ll missue


Father McCartney wiping the dirt from his hands

very grave


For though they may be parted

there is still a chance that they will see


to where you once belonged

as Alex Sam arrives without a suitcase

Wee bird singing in the dead of night

and he never gives an answer


Speed bonnie boat like a bird on the wings

Aye believe in yesterday


Say we'll be together every day

after living alone for so many years (aye aye)


Give Ireland Back To The Irish, er

Vote nah nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah …


nah nah


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For No 1

Sir Paul McCartney, a former resident of Scotland, spoke out against Scottish independence, despite having once hit the hit parade with ‘Give Ireland Back To The Irish’.

3 September 2014


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