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Above all we act with discretion

Above all we’re very discreet

We don’t hold with mindless aggression

You’ll find us inclined to be sweet


Sometimes we rattle our sabres

Sometimes we rattle your house

It’s the best way to deal with one’s neighbours

As quiet as cat meeting mouse


There’s nothing as soft as a bludgeon

When the opposite side of the street

Shares what we have, a very long grudge. On

The whole we like being discreet


Give us a pinch, we’ll send snuff you

Will sneeze for a decade or ten

Nip us, and we’ll have to cuff you

Again and again and again


With discretion (the valour included)

We’ll share out our side of the heat

Some say you’re targets. Well who did?

Not us. We are being discreet



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“We will continue to act with force and discretion until our mission is accomplished” - Binyamin Netanyahu

29 July 2014


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