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Memento Mori

I can’t recall – I’d had a snooze –

Who was it who said ‘Go’,

And was it Tomahawk or Cruise

Or Patriot? Don’t know.

I’d only managed fourteen winks.

Which country am I from then? (Thinks.)


Who was it who brought down the house

Or who brought down the plane?

Who lit the flames they cannot douse?

A portion of my brain

Can’t figure it. I’m digging deep,

But didn’t manage too much sleep.


Who made the gun? Who sanctioned death?

Who has to take the rap?

Who, me? But I was out of breath

(I’d missed my morning nap).

You wonder who’s the guilty state

If it forgets to hibernate.


I can’t remember Vietnam

Or Gaza, Baghdad, but I

Confess I don’t know who I am –

A little short of shuteye.

Launched from air or sub or ship?

Ask me when I’ve had more kip.



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Memento Mori

Confusion continued about who exactly brought down an airliner, MH17, over Ukrainian airspace. The French accused the UK of selling weapons to the Russians. The Russians said they didn’t do it. A study at Michigan State University found that loss of sleep could cause someone to misremember or even invent events.

22 July 2014


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