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Top Of The Form

So, Michael, you have been promoted,

Prefect of the House, it seems:

A poison pill so candy-coated

It seems beyond your wildest dreams –

At last you get to wear a blazer,

Or failing that, to wield a taser.


All of us are shocked to hear that

You’ll be earning far less tuck,

Except the bullies (and I fear that

They won’t give a flying fuck) –

But now you’ll offer them detention

Or other pains too grim to mention.


You seem so fragile, dear young chap,

As if the Head had ticked you off:

You squirming in a ringworm cap

While he wears waistcoats like a toff –

He’ll make you pay some weird allegiance

In the playground’s nether regions.


Govey (may I?) you’re a swot,

And that’s no insult, rest assured.

You’ve may have lost the old school plot,

But all the same, you have endured –

In fifty years, when teachers curse,

They’ll call it goving. Could be worse.


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Top Of The Form

Michael Gove was shifted from Education to become Chief Whip, and no longer a full member of the Cabinet. He claimed it was not a demotion.

15 July 2014


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