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Middle East Envoi

Why so unfair to Mr. Blair?

Why so upset with Mr. B?

He only wants to clear the air

With sundry Weapons of Mass D. –

To pulverise the locals flat.

Well, what on earth is wrong with that?


Why so unfair to Mr. Tony?

So unfair to ex-PMs?

He means so well, he’s never phoney,

Wants to fill the urban crems;

When over, he will lay the wreath –

As if it might sow dragon’s teeth!


Why do we trash our former leader,

Why the dung upon his head?

He’s almost pals with Al-Qaeda,

And only wants to see them dead.

Let Oxford’s boy take charge of crisis

(For after all, they’re known as Isis).


Yes, stand up for the sixty-something,

Ever-fresh and would-be sage,

He’s never done a single dumb thing,

Is best when he is centre-stage:

Muslim rebels! Present from us:

Wingco Blair, mid-air, with bombers.




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Middle East Envoi

Tony Blair advocated bombing the new ISIS insurgent group. There was the sound of everyone running for the exits.

18 June 2014


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