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Early Day Not Andrew Motion

It was nothing to fire at,
No Kalash, no Nikov,
Wore no patch, was no pirate
Jolly Roger Mcgough -

It was only some Scousers
Wishing Liverpool luck
But it got up the Houses
Of Commons, and stuck.

It gave even seasoned
Old clerks a surprise:
They were eating their Ts and
Were dabbing their Is.

"This doesn't say sandwich,
Says sarnie - slang word -
There's no rhyme in the language
For sandwich - absurd."

"No dire ode to ruins!"
Each clerk held his nose.
"Poems! Nothing doing!
We are anti. We're prose."

"No verses. Too clever:
They may run up expenses."
No, the government never
Takes leave of its censors.

Early Day Not Andrew Motion
Westminster clerks refused to accept an early day motion celebrating Liverpool's selection as European Capital of Culture in 2008, because it was offered up as a Roger McGough poem
30 March 2006


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