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Value Added

I am a British value,

Well-mannered, plump and pink:

You shan’t neglect me, shall you?

There’ll be a frightful stink

If you give me your elbow’s edge

Or leave me on a dusty ledge.


A white knight, I must thrust this

Lance of honour through;

I stand for peace and justice

And for toleration too.

The one thing that I cannot stand?

A clammy European hand.


I also don’t like workers

Who have the right to strike,

And do not like the burqas.

I think each tiny tyke

Should put a prayer-book in his bag

And, once a day, salute the flag.


I like the English foodstuff

Like marmalades and curds –

I like to read the good stuff

(And not the Mockingbirds).

Oh I said ‘English’, did I not?

Of course the word subsumes the Scot.


Be clean, and listen to my voice,

And whisper this for me:

There is no other god but choice,

And please don’t disagree.

Nor should you be an atheist:

Be Christian. Other faiths, desist.



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Value Added

Michael Gove (him again) is to insist that schools actively promote ‘British values’.

11 June 2014


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