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Upon the late night flicker-screen

When simple folk have gone to bed

Or, bored with politics, have been

Seduced by channels less well-bred,

The metro-intellectual set

Watch Paxman drawl his lazy threat.


An item on the London beat

Has caught his eye, unleashed his tongue:

He castigates the small élite,

And has his traps prepared and sprung –

An audience of politicos

Watch Paxman tweak their fellow’s nose.


Incestuous and from the south,

The late-night show somehow connives,

As if a single giant mouth

Knew most about our dullard lives:

The minister’s, the expert’s rants

Prove Paxman’s own irrelevance.



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The outgoing Newsnight presenter, judging the Forward prize for poetry, says poetry has 'rather connived at its own irrelevance', reports The Guardian.

4 June 2014


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