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Some countries boast of shrunken heads

And some grow prickly pears

For some, it’s divers on sea-beds

But we have billionaires


Some have a crime-rate zagging down

Some specialise in chairs

Some stitch the most elaborate gown

But we have billionaires


I know of places full of mirth

And states with grizzly bears

Of lands that have most fertile earth

But we have billionaires


They come in handy, like a swab

To wash a filthy sink

A billionaire creates a job,

And one almighty stink


What luck that we should own such skill –

Instead of odes or airs

We have the first-rate taste of swill

For we have billionaires


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Britain was said to have more billionaires than anywhere else, per head of population.

15 May 2014


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