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The benefit of no benefit

Three cheers for Iain Duncan-Smith,
A man of sense and vision,
A man of legend, man of myth,
And masterly decision.

Cut assistance (more than halving),
Offer hanks of food-bank bread:
When the fools are almost starving,
They’ll be business-folk instead.

When the fridge has been defrosted,
And they’ve stumps they have to stir,
IDS has got it costed –
Add an ‘entre’ to ‘preneur’.

We keep our shops, Napoleon said,
But now our credit rating’s void,
We set out stalls of stuff instead,
Poor but also self-employed.

Oh thank Iain’s bonhomie,
That we don’t need the welfare state.
It’s the very grey economy.
We work, we’re free, and then we’re dead.


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The benefit of no benefit

According to Iain Duncan-Smith, cuts to benefits have caused a wonderful rise in the number of the self-employed.

8 May 2014


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