the weekly

Postmen Pats

We're gonna sit right down
and post ourselves some lettuce
and make believe they came from us.

We will also frank some first class
parcel, sage, and, in thyme,
some rosemary. If we remember.

We received your junk food.
Thank you also for the reward cards,
which we swiped.

We are eating two square
mails a day. In jails, they are sewing
black sheep, two bags full. Chop, chop.

Two postmen wheel their trolleys
to our affronted doors. Mind the dogs,
their competition is barking.

Postmen Pats
From next year, despite Royal Mail returning to profit, rival postal companies will be vying for the same business. UK Mail plans to put post-boxes in supermarkets
18 May 2005


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