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Fog and Veg

Fog and Veg


There’s fog inside my house

There’s fog inside my head

I cannot see my apple or banana

Am I dead?


There’s fog inside my bedroom

There’s fog inside my eye

What’s happened to my peas, my avocado?

Will I die?


There’s fog inside the radio

And fog inside my toast

Where are my tangerine and my asparagus –

I’m a ghost?


There’s fog along the seaside

There’s fog inside the tree –

Without my mango, celery and damson,



There’s fog inside the forecast

There’s fog inside the fog

Without my nine or more a day, I’m like a

Large dead dog


Who brought this fog upon us

With its threat of fresh infection?

No veg! It must be party types preparing

An election



Click here for a Guardian article

Click here for a Guardian article, but note that it’s from 2006

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Fog and Veg

As polluted fog covered the South and Midlands, publicity was being given to new studies that suggested the ‘five a day’ fruit and vegetable policy was inadequate. European, Scots and general elections are all on the horizon.

2 April 2014


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