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Visa Wheeze

Come and live in Britain’s
Millionaire estate –
Bid to gain admittance
Through our golden gate
(If you earn a pittance,
Then you’ll have to wait).

Cash your chips here quickly,
Join our poker game;
Life here’s never prickly
If you have a Name
(Sorry, if you’re sickly,
Try another game.)

Hurry while our hammer
Cracks down on your bids;
Never mind your grammar,
Have you plenty quids?
(We’ll put you in the slammer
If you’re on the skids.)

Rich types are the best, are
UK’s gods, you see;
The rest, who we’d arrest, are
Full of perfidy –
But you are An Investor
And not A Refugee.

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Visa Wheeze

The chairman of Britain’s ‘migration advisory committee’ has suggested auction visas to the highest bidders.

February 26 2014


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