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Twas brillig and the slithy gove: a ramble

Smartarse, so we’d brand him,
As wise as Scrooge and Marley,
Here is Checkpoint Charlie:
But still, nil desperandum.
None will tell, not in the least,
Which is West, which is East.

Count up the night detentions,
Stay open late for prep:
Make sure both sectors are in step,
Let all take Common Entrance:
No-one will be losing sleep
Distinguishing the goats from sheep.

Watch Michael Gove arrive at
A place beyond all sense,
Where looking over any fence,
The state school and the private
Will seem identical. Well-schooled,
The rulers will look like the ruled.

The science won’t be rocket,
You won’t tell them apart,
Won’t know whose uniforms are smart,
What money lines each pocket:
Fauntleroy and Olly Twist –
The difference will not exist
To Mr. Gove, the socialist,
And stupefied self-hypnotist.
He is educating Archie –
Requiescat in, er, pace,
Down his cheeks the tears are streaming,
Setting, inkwells, Michael’s dreaming
Of copperplate and maps so pink –
Where was he? Hmm. You hate to think.

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Twas brillig and the slithy gove: a ramble

Mr. Michael Gove may have gone mad.

5 Feb 2014


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