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Hocus Bogus

I'm stealing the emperor's thunder
And the thunder-box under him, too;
Jesus wept, and quite frankly, no wonder,
When you read all the document through.

Tony's conjecture? Historical:
A tissue of half-fib and faction.
But I'm the new miracle oracle,
With my clarion call to inaction.

What weft and what warp we can pinch, we
Will flog you with horrible style.
He was the Grail. I'm Da Vinci –
Here's my chloroform. Open my phial.

We both take our suits to the cleaners,
We both hog the crown of the road:
Can you spot any difference between us?
Of course not. We're talking in code.

Hocus Bogus
Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code was accused of plagiarising a “historical conjecture”, The Holy Blood And the Holy Grail. David Cameron, the Tory leader, laid claim, in a policy document called “Built To Last”, to centrist policies strangely reminiscent of New Labour's policies, and in similar jargon.
March 1 2006


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