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Mission Accomplished

The boys done well. They weren’t brought down,
they tackled it with vim and guts;
we’ll bring the safety curtain down
before the theatre ups and shuts:
we caught them out of their position,
we have accomplished it, our mission.

The First and Second Afghan wars
were of a different kind of class:
this time we’ve not gone early doors
or been cut out by Khyber Pass –
the roadside bombs, the grinding toll,
but what a beauty, what a goal.

The boys done well. Defended good,
kept channels open, played the ball,
kept possession when they could,
can leave the ground, their heads held tall:
mission over, it was war:
accomplished, done, a no-score draw.

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Mission Accomplished

Asked by reporters if personnel were coming home [from Afghanistan] with the message "mission accomplished", the prime minister, accompanied by former England footballer Michael Owen, said: "Yes, I think they do." - BBC news report.

18 December 2013


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