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I am a revolutionary, eco-warrior prince;
My colour's red beneath this blue but rather balding rinse.
My suits are double-breasted, I'm an Amazon at heart;
My middle name is Arthur. I upset the apple-cart.

I'm manic and organic, think that Something Must Be Dung;
The state pays me a going rate (a very tidy bung).
They wedged a silver spoon in me, the moment of my birth -
But I'm a revolutionary, come to save the Earth.

My architecture lectures are convivial and trad.
But I conspire, I desire to drive the nation mad,
For I'm a rebel with a cause, beneath my robes of ermine,
And governments to come will do what I alone determine.

Money is no object. I will spare no rod or birch
To whip my country into line, politicise the church:
A dissident, my fast intent's that people know their place,
And this is why I mean to rule you all from outer space.

The rocket's standing ready on the launching-pad at Windsor:
And when I'm up in orbit, I will tell you what your sins are.
A prince among the planets? And you dare to ask me why?
A revolution's leader needs his head up in the sky.

Prince Charles was described as “a dissident working against the prevailing political consensus” in a court case. Competition increased for potential space tourists.
February 21 2006


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