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Profit’s not a dirty word –
It means you’re on the make,
You spread the wealth, and build yourself
A boathouse by a lake.

It’s not a grubby little word,
But means that we can thrive,
That you put back the cash we lack,
And then extend your drive.

Profit’s always squeaky clean,
A sign of great expansion:
It lifts our heads, and adds some beds
To swell your modest mansion.

Profit helps the poorer off
(The trickle-down effect) –
Your surplus treats us, adds more seats
In the marquees you erect.

The rich will always save the skint
By sharing extra bunce:
When gas boards swell their coffers, well,
They share it out at once!


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David Cameron’s conference phrase is ‘Profit is not a dirty word’.

2 October 2013


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