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Coalitus Interruptus

I am a staunch Conservative
I’ve been in bed with Lib:
For a perv like me, superlative,
Although of course his jib
Is not my cut, and coalition
Is a step I find too large –
Phased withdrawal’s my position,
Or a bunk up with Farage.

Though flirting is a risk you must
Accept on any date,
I fear that Lib’s promiscuous –
Too distant (although suave).
And there are times I rather hope,
When lying in the buff,
For someone else to grind and grope,
Or something rather rough.

So, might one be close neighbour
Of another swain I know?
Perhaps spend time with Labour
In this sweaty studio? –
Or might Ed and Nick be choc-and-toff
Like a tasty tube of Rolo
(And maybe then I’d have it off
With the pleasure that is solo).


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Coalitus Interruptus

Channel 4 is to present a show called Sex Box, in which couples have sex behind screens before emerging to talk to a live audience, a panel of sexperts, and Mariella Frostrup. The Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties, this being the conference season, were trying to distance themselves from one another.

25 September 2013


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