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Miniature Brains

Our brains are decidedly tiny;
Our thoughts are especially small;
But on balance we guess
That the Syrian distress
Will be helped out by bombing them all.

Yes, our noddles are wee little bobs;
Our skulls have a nous like a gnat in them
And whenever they ask us
On the flight to Damascus
We smile and say, yes, we will flatten them.

They’re minuscule, our cerebella;
We’ve hardly a single grey cell.
Still, the Syrian hordes
Will get their due rewards
When we blow all their households to hell.

Our brains haven’t got any matter:
In fact, they are small than peas.
The Syrian might just
Feel rather less righteous
If we kill rather more (missiles, please!)

We’re modern and fashionably gormless;
In our skulls there’s a cavernous space:
But this we declare
(With the blessing of Blair) –
Bombing ad lib solves the case.

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Miniature Brains

Scientists in Vienna have produced miniature brains. America and Britain plan to bomb Syria as a reprisal for the use of chemical warfare against Syrian civilians.

30 August 2013


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