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Mistaking Identity

Cameron’s very like Noddy,
Clegg is the dead spit of Sweep,
Farage is the Diddymen’s Doddy,
Miliband’s Sean (as in Sheep).

Hague’s boots are Alf-Tupper-hobnail,
Gove acts like Zebedee’s sprog,
Pickles is Rag, Tag and Bobtail,
Teresa May’s Deputy Dog.

Balls is as Bill as he’s Ben,
Cable is Top Cat or Jinks,
Boris is Barbie and Ken,
Harman is Minnie the Minx.

IDS must be Bugs Bunny,
Yvette is like Roland the Rat,
Andy Burnham is Pooh with his hunny;
Grayling is Felix the Cat.

We see the TV, and we’re shut out:
With policies full of neglect –
Each one looks a puppet or cut-out,
Or a badly drawn Disney effect.

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Mistaking Identity

Lord Ashcroft’s polling organisation has found that many people confuse politicians with TV or film celebrities.

25 June 2013


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