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Eggs Is Eggs

I’m chucking an omelette at Osborne,
And hurling a boiled egg at Dave
    I hope that they soak
    In the rich, runny yolk,
As they don’t know which way to behave.

I’m dunking young Clegg in meringue
And Doug Alexander I’m beating –
    They still won’t address
     In this yellowy mess
The fat cats they should be unseating.

As for sticking our two Eds together,
Their plots are the one thing to thicken –
     So I’m taking my aim
     At their lacklustre game
To lob them the fruit of the chicken.

It’s no good you telling me UKIP,
Or any more groupings who’ve shambled
      Their way into polls
      Are achieving our goals –
I want the whole lot of them scrambled.

Politics, never a fine art,
Is a flush that’s been totally busted –
      Eggs, I’ll chuck eggs,
      Or else meat pies from Gregg’s.
Even Don’t Knows are no longer trusted.

Minister, MP and voter,
Monarch and bishop and lord,
      Must be pelted and jeered
      Till they’ve all disappeared
And there’s something we might just applaud.

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Eggs Is Eggs

Natalie Holt disrupted – or illuminated, really – the live TV final of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ by chucking eggs at Simon Cowell, in protest at what he’s done to music.

12 June 2013


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