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All Together Not

A German’s a Nazi
Or worked for the Stasi
The couture of the French is too haute
Slovenes are reckless
And Greeks are too feckless
The Austrian worships the goat

You can’t trust a Bulgar
The Polish are vulgar
The Spanish are macho and mannish
The Irish lay bets
Letts eat their pets
The Swedes clean their carpets with Vanish

In Benelux, treats
Are a range of raw sweets
As is also the case with Maltesers
The Finns are far too flash
The Magyars eat goulash
Italians breed little Caesars

In the crowded garage
Of Nigel Farage
Are selections of hatchets and axes
To sever the ropes
Binding us to these dopes
And raising our level of taxes

It may have stopped wars
Given all common cause
But come on, they’re obviously foreign
By the way put the locks
On those ill-tempered Jocks
And admire their fine English sporran

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All Together Not

Former chancellor Nigel Lawson, in the wake of the UKIP poll figures, has said that Britain should leave the European Union. The Conservatives are also fighting any Scots aspirations for independence from the UK.

May 8 2013


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