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Our Sort Of People

Crackerjackers, suckers, nutters,
Dodgers, bodgers, bonkers, clangers,
Creeps and freaks and snipes in gutters,
Boomers, bibblers, dribblers, bangers,

Crusties, nincompoops and browsers
On the wilder stretch of surf,
Dingly-danglers, rabble-rousers,
Every single one a Smurf,

Ratters, rotters, rutters, ranters,
Pantaloons and ommibores,
Citizens of old Atlantis,
Jeremiahs, drivel-jaws,

The pampered and the pestilential,
Most with memories like sieves,
Short of puff, as of potential –
And that’s just the Conservatives.

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Our Sort Of People

Boris Johnson called UKIP leader Nigel Farage ‘a blooming Conservative, for heaven’s sake’, and ‘an engaging geezer’. Ken Clarke repeated David Cameron’s words that UKIP members were ‘fruitcakes and loonies’.

1 May 2013


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