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Loss Leader

I'm a bimbo, pretty and pert,
With baa-baa brains and a ra-ra skirt,
My head is full of heated air,
I've never heard of Tony Blair,
I can't speak straight, my voice is flat –
Am I a Liberal Democrat?

My mum says I should live the dream,
I'm a don't-know girl with a so-so scheme,
I can giggle, wiggle, or yammer on,
And who's this David Cameron?
I twitter, I go pitter-pat –
Am I a Liberal Democrat?

I'm Lorelei Lee, I'm a ditsy doll,
I'm a flim-flam flirt and a mop-top moll,
I'm a carnival queen, I flit, I float,
And – omigod – I can win the vote:
Put me in the middle, I'm always me -
Now isn't that Liberal Democracy?

Loss Leader
Chantelle Houghton, a fake celebrity, won the reality TV show “Celebrity Big Brother”, thereby turning herself into a celebrity. The Liberal Democrat leadership contest floundered after revelations/ allegations about two of the candidates and their sex lives. Read about Chantelle here
31 January 2006


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