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Korea's Adviser

Kim Jong-Un, Son of Kim Jong-Il,
Deduced there was a National Will
That Southerners, beyond Control,
And living in the Heart of Seoul,
Should give less Time to Yankee Chat, and
Fear the Thought of being Flattened,
To which end, with serene Aplomb,
He warned them of a Nuclear Bomb.
The latter, posted from Pyongyang,
Would give a Noise (a short strong Bang)
And force them with a Sudden Cry
To see why they should Unify.

Alas for poor young Jong-Un (Kim),
Known locally as Sunny Jim
(Who looks, if you should take a Gander,
Quite like a boiler-suited Panda),
With Nuclear Matters, what the Catch is –
As with Young Children offered Matches –
Concerns the Way the loud Report
Is often louder than you thought,
You press the Button. Time goes past:
And then there is a shocking Blast,
So though your Target’s cold and leaden,
You’ve also caused an Armageddon.
A Lamb like Kim may press the Button,
But soon he is burnt Leg of Mutton.

Instead of needing to say ‘Oops’,
Best watch some more Parades of Troops.


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Korea's Adviser

North Korea’s leader seemed intent on threatening a nuclear onslaught on South Korea.

with apologies to Hilaire Belloc

3 April 2013


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