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Lets not argue if you please
Because well wheres the point
Don’t mind if lost apostrophes
Put noses out of joint
If Id my way the grammar bombers
And Devons brighter sparks
Would rid us of inverted commas
And finish question marks
Hyphens wouldnt last the night
And all would cut a dash
Id chop the full stop dim the light
Throw colons in the trash
Weve lived too long its fair to claim
With hectic exclamation
And diacritic blips to blame
For proper indignation
Punctuation is a trick
So nows the time to sack it
So give diareses a kick
Or punch em in the bracket

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Mid Devon Council is proposing to eliminate apostrophes from its signs.
(Thanks to Babs Short for this idea.)

19 March 2013


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