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I am a bio-tooth. I make
A dodo of the denture.
Lie still. You will not hear the drill –
But thrill to my adventure.
Your mouth may eat with pure depravity,
But I can fill the deepest cavity.

I am a bio-tooth. I give
Free-range, organic bites.
I am lascivious. I give
A vampire sleepless nights.
Should you have gnashers that succumb,
They’ll grow me from a slice of gum.

I am a bio-tooth. I thrive
By cloning you, your gob:
A cuspid cracks, it will survive,
Because that is my job.
A bio-LibDem, do you ask?
No: teeth. It’s not a magic task.

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Liberal Democrat polls seemed stuck in single figures, despite the Eastleigh by-election win. King’s College London researchers have used mice to suggest that new teeth can be grown from cells.

14 March 2013


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