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Killer Robot

I am a killer robot
I have no heart or soul
I march through town and cut them down
(That’s my appointed role)

I am a killer robot
My eyes are scarlet red
If in my sights, I’ll dim your lights
And make sure you are dead

I am a killer robot
My origin’s unknown
I’ve no idea how I came here
To smash your flesh and bone

I am a killer robot
I’ll shred your every nerve
Obstruct my way when I'm at play
You’ll get what you deserve

I am a killer robot
And Death’s my special thrill
How I’m designed? I have no mind –
Do not possess free will

Yes, I’m a killer robot
Anonymous, exact
Prepared to shoot, with lives to loot –
Just like a man, in fact

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Killer Robot

There were warnings that within a decade killer robots would be engaged in fighting, robots that had no respect for the Geneva Conventions.

February 27 2013


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