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Free Lance

Take the plunger, pop the pills,
Keep the syringes concealed:
Down the dales and up the hills –
Oh my! a level playing field.

Delay the bonuses, till tax
Ensures we have a better yield:
The poor must suffer. Osborne’s lax.
We need a level playing field.

Change the blood and fool the test,
Making sure their eyes are sealed:
Wear the winner’s yellow vest
Along the level playing field.

Let the businesses go bust
As long as we remain well-heeled:
In market forces let us trust
As on their level playing field.

The doper is not such a dope:
He’s fast, he’s keen, he’s wheeler-dealed:
He’s turned a very slippery slope
Into a level playing field.

Politicians, bankers, bikers
Share this much, when truth’s revealed:
There is no metaphor they like as
Much as ‘level playing field’.



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Free Lance

Lance Armstrong, interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, said he saw doping as simply a way of achieving 'a level playing field'. Some businesses have delayed paying bonuses until the highest tax rate has dropped from 50% to 45%.

22 January 2013


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