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Laurel And Hardly

It’s tough to launch a leaking boat
Into some choppy water
It’s tough to galvanise a vote
By offering no quarter
But we are not a pair of actors
Just look behind us: lots of tractors

It’s hard to raise a Mary Rose
When it’s so deeply sunk
It’s tough. We have to hold our nose
When talking so much bunk
We are not here to spread alarm
Just look behind us, it’s a farm

It’s hard, the price of diesel
It’s hard to keep our nerve
It’s hard not to seem weasels
In the suits that you observe
But standing in this Essex shed
We gain some proper country cred

We agree with David
We agree with Nick
Our shirts are pressed, our ties un-gravied
And well-rehearsed in schtick
Oh look, a cow. The air is pure
When we can spout so much manure


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Laurel And Hardly

David Cameron and Nick Clegg ‘re-launched’ their coalition, not in a rose-garden as before, but in a tractor shed.

9 January 2012


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