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Out Of Time, or You Can't Always Get What You Want

It’s not that I’ve run out of patience
As I’m spooned into suits by my valet
It’s just that my nous says the nation’s
Disturbed by my shilly and shally –
They don’t like my pose as a latter-day Frodo,
They just want my mother defunct as a dodo.

I know that I don’t pay much tax and
They say the PM’s in my clutches,
And I speak in a very strange accent,
And I’ve swapped a Princess for a Duchess –
But they wish I’d be He Who Was Formerly Prince
And that means Her Majesty taking some hints.

I am almost as old as Mick Jagger,
Yet I don’t get the limelight and vocals:
I’ve got all of his hip-shake and swagger,
But I may well be wearing bi-focals
Before I’m allowed to prance out on the stage –
It’s time that she died, started showing her age.

How I sing Midnight Rambler! The killer
Is welcome (I’m starting to panic):
As I said just today to Camilla
One assumes an assassin’s organic.
An accident: soon we shall hop to our thrones,
Even play Start Me Up, backed by the Stones.


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Out Of Time, or You Can't Always Get What You Want

The Rolling Stones played live to celebrate 50 years of existence. Prince Charles was said to be hoping the Queen would, as it were, get off his cloud.

28 November 2012


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