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Bond Over Backwards

Yes, let’s make some submarine rockets
For squillions and squillions of fivers
And let’s dig our hands in our pockets
Like the best of the cold war survivors:
Let’s make the Russian a bear with a sore head
By spending our cash on a nuclear warhead

Let’s wear an old Smith and Wesson
And down our Martinis when shaken
Let’s teach the bad guys a specialist lesson
When rising from depths like a Kraken
Let’s hunt the Taliban, under the pond
While honking a horn, and bonking James Bond

Defence money’s only for spending
On toys in a great global tub
We sail round in secret, in quiet, pretending
We’re really still part of the club
Let’s strut our stuff in a bow-tie, and cockily,
All co-produced by our Barbara Broccoli

Bang goes the sound of James sniping
Bang go the buildings to hell
Bang goes the Bond the Olympics were hyping
Bang goes the budget as well:
Yes, just what we need when we’re short of a surplus –
Bombs underwater, with no bloody purpose

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Bond Over Backwards

It’s fifty years since the Nassau agreement that gave birth to Polaris and subsequently Trident missiles – which the Conservatives have just announced they are to pour more money into. It’s also fifty years since the first James Bond film.

31 October 2012


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