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Sleeping Untogether

Nick turns his back on our David;
George doesn’t cuddle with Vince;
A clincher with BoJo is always a no-no;
And Gove’s more a frog than a prince.

Sometimes a snuggle looks ugly –
Think of Brown in a bedroom with Blair –
And being encircled by Angela Merkel
Fills Greeks with a sense of despair.

Putin can’t stick Pussy Riot;
In Korea the North hates the South;
New and Old Labour won’t bury the sabre
Nor try out a peck on the mouth.

The whole world is hogging the duvet,
Or sleeping alone on settees:
Perhaps the Obamas wear iron pyjamas.
It looks like we’re in for a freeze.


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Sleeping Untogether

Bedroom romance is over says that well-known (and increasingly prolific) scholarly researcher, Travelodge.

18 October 2012


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