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All Right Now, Let's Move Before They Change ...

They parked me in Leicester
But bought me no ticket
After all this siesta
I’m still in the thicket –
I’ve not only lost the Plantagenet line,
I’ll also be owing a terrible fine.

They knew what I was worth
When I was surrounded
By Tudors at Bosworth
Who had me impounded:
A lot more than Murray or even Pete Sampras,
But now I owe millions to unlicensed clampers.

I asked for a horse
(With my kingdom in thrall)
But they killed me, of course –
With no permit at all,
And the dues I’ve accrued are five hundred years older –
Is it any surprise I’ve the hump on my shoulder?

Now they suggest
I be buried in state –
Might be for the best
(Half-millennially late) –
And though I killed the Princes (feel free to despise),
Get me out of this car park, before the rates rise.

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All Right Now, Let's Move Before They Change ...

The skeleton of Richard III has allegedly been found under a Leicester car park.

18 September 2012


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