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It's The Real Ming

My sky is lined with silver chrome
And burnished up above;
It's all a breeze now Kennedy's
Been shifted in one shove.

I am that elder statesman, Ming,
As in the Dynasty –
I'd like to exercise my charms
So that you'll vote for me.

I am not one for pulling punch.
I'm standing – ain't it grand?
I'm never green about the gills;
My laughter isn't canned.

How I've longed to hear
(How I've longed to hear)
Just for ten mins. each day
Myself at last and my gravitas –
Let's sing the Menzies way –

It's the real Ming.

It's The Real Ming

Sir Menzies (pronounced Mingus) Campbell is the front-runner to succeed Charles Kennedy as Liberal Democrat leader. He has often been quoted as saying he regretted not standing against Kennedy in the last leadership election, ten minutes every day.

with apologies to The New Seekers

10 January 2006


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